The Winner of Our Design Contest: WP REMIX!

WP Remix theme positioned itself as the only popular WordPress theme that can be mixed and matched. It is known to be the only theme that can let you choose any layout you want and put it in every page with the use of an innovative WordPress layout editor. This theme makes your page outstanding because of its undeniably unique features.

Let’s say you haven’t heard of this theme yet, but this theme is known to be the most unique and innovative toolkit you’ve ever seen in any WordPress site. Unlike any other premium themes that lets you buy and install, WP Remix theme comes in just a single package but it is filled with lots of 50 unique and amazing WordPress layouts that you might sometimes think impossible.

You might also be sick of buying those themes that can only offer one single WordPress theme. Therefore, you can switch on having this unique design kit that contains a lot of creative layouts for WordPress. Here are the features that you can have when you purchase this package:

It has 10 different layout designs for your home page. Whether you need a video site, storefront, magazine/newspaper theme, blog, static or service statement corporate layout, you can surely have it all here.

It’s perfect for an Ecommerce website. There are five unique layouts for product gallery that can serve up to five different ways in order to represent the products as well as services to your clients. It is also complete with buttons like submit and more info that will take you to some expanded information pages when clicked. It also includes layout that can cater mortar and brick businesses. Some part of the mix includes affiliate sales pages and web hosting style storefronts.

It goes well with blog sites. If you are looking for something simple and plain, WP Remix theme is the best package for you. This package can blow away those other premium and even free WordPress themes for setting up blogs. It’s structured, clean, as well as modern looking as it has all kinds of navigations and features that you are looking for.

It can enhance your gallery. This package of themes let you display images. You can choose if you want it to be in a thumbnail style. You can also decide whether you want to put captions or not. All of these in five easy but unique ways. This also includes a portfolio setup specifically designed for those graphic designers as well as photographers.

It improves customer testimonials section. Any business can surely benefit from the testimonials of their clients. WP Remix theme helps in every business as each customer testimonial is usually preformatted with CSS in order to fit the template just like on what you see in any sites that are professionally designed. Usually, they feature the call out boxes as well as quotes.

It has easy navigation. WP Remix theme can help every user navigate the page much easier since it lets the visitors use the tab function. Instead of clicking next in order to navigate each and every page, you can use tab so you can easily jump to next pages in your mere convenience. This can be a very neat way in order to style the areas of your own site while providing convenience to the users.

It has improved FAQs section. The page for frequently asked questions is also one of the most viewed sections in a website. You can make it look even much better with the use of WP Remix theme. When the user will click the FAQ section, it will eventually sink down and will then reveal the answer. You can simply click it once more to bring the contract back up. As a matter of fact, this also works for some regular content tool too.

It improves user profile. You can make your staff known by many with their profile feature. This can be a dedicated page that neatly organizes bios as well as photos of all your staff.

It lists different features of products or services. Is your website sells software? Or, are you running a site for web hosting service? How about something that has a list of features? WP Remix theme has a lot of specific page templates that is suited for these needs. It also has professional grade layouts as well as icon sets.

It provides comparison grids. This section is very exciting. You have probably seen a product comparison list that is use to compare gold, silver, and basic packages that usually has red X’s as well as green checkmarks in order to signify the included features. In this package, you can surely have a decent one. You can use these plan comparison grids for a lot of things. You can also be able to create niche sites, which solely use comparison grids for comparing different products.

It has 2, 3 or even no-column pages. Many users tend to hate other premium WordPress themes because it’s very difficult for them to implement few pages with no right or left column. With the use of WP Remix theme, there’s no need for you to worry because it simply sets a page in order to remove columns or add. With a user-friendly interface, it would be really simple to set.

It has an easy navigation in different pages. You can’t avoid the fact that first time visitors of your site may have lower retention rates. Because of that, you can make the navigation process for your first time visitors much easier. You can suggest 3 simple step processes that they can follow to get your/their goal. With the help of WP Remix theme, the process steps would surely be easy even for starters.

It does intricate deep links layout. This package also does intricate hierarchical links through allowing you on setting separate post templates from main page to home page to sub-main page and so on. It is important for user navigation purposes as well as search engine optimization.

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