Design Contest Winner: Socrates Theme

WordPress offers a number of valuable themes. Theme makes webmaster’s life easy because they do not need to start from scratch with html codes when creating a website. Instead of stressing out on making a new design, webmaster would rather choose theme designs from different known theme creator.

Numerous theme concepts are available online for the web developer and webmasters use. Some are given for free while others are sold in affordable prices. Free themes are okay for websites that are blog type website because they are simpler. But some features cannot be used with the free themes.

Paid themes on the other hand offer numerous features compared to the free themes. They are more reliable in terms of the support services and forums. They are also more thought-off. Because of this, it is advisable for wed developers to use paid themes especially for professional websites such as websites for business marketing’s.

One of the best WordPress themes is the Socrates Theme. The Socrates theme is created by Joel Comm and Dan Nickerson, both known in the web marketing industry. This theme is especially wonderful because of it varied features as well as its marketing inclination. It is because this theme is a well-created ready to monetize website platform.

Personally, I love using the Socrates theme for WordPress because of the marketing as well as the aesthetic reasons. These features create an efficient approach of the WordPress website.

Marketing Features made by marketers for marketers…

Because this theme is created by marketers, it is very useful for other marketers as well. The Marketing features of this theme are that it is Adsense and Clickbank ready and that it is search engine optimized.

Having an Adsense ready and Clickbank ready WordPress website enables the website user and the webmaster for that matter to go along way with gaining revenue from their sites. With the Socrates theme, webmasters can easily plug in Adsense codes to the WordPress website design without going through the hassle of reinventing the entire WordPress website. Widgets need not added. Instead, text box are already ready.

More often than not, webmasters like this kind of website platform. Most webmasters would rather tweak Google Adsense codes inside the ‘wp-admin’ of the WordPress site rather than on the WordPress widgets area. This way, they will have full freedom of knowing what else is inside the codes.

Another reason why I love using the Socrates Theme for WordPress is that it is search engine optimized. For most newbie webmasters, it is very hard to start from scratch in terms of search engine optimizing. Codex should be tweaked as well as other search engine optimization has to be done. More importantly, with the upgrade of Google panda, more WordPress sites are having difficulty search engine optimizing.

However, with the Socrates Theme does not have a problem with search engine and panda upgrade because it is search engine optimized already. As a result, webmasters will have more time focusing on other web development issues, rather than putting too many efforts in search engine optimizing.

Two hundred and twenty plus Niche Header Designs and Theme colors…

Another reason why I love Using the Socrates Theme for WordPress is the niche headers. Imagine having Two hundred and twenty plus Niche Header Designs to fit any type of marketing strategy. It feels like giving an industry free Two hundred and twenty plus to improve their company’s revenues!

While having Two hundred and twenty plus Niche Header Designs to choose from is especially advantageous for the companies, it is also advantageous for the web developer and webmaster. They can present different kinds of look to the client with just one theme.

Another wonderful characteristic of the site is its palette theme colors. It is built in default sky blue and white backgrounds which is perfect to rogue any type of concept. In the end, web developers may opt to change this color hue and they can easily do. Default colors are easy to find in the WordPress codex

Support Forum is best in the industry

Imagine a theme with Two hundred and twenty plus Niche Header Designs, Adsense, Clickbank and Search engine optimization ready. What else could be lacking? It is as good as a complete package. Most clients would say, “Service is complete”.

However, the Socrates theme does not stop there. Instead, theme users get more that want they pay for with the additional feature; the support forum system. Web developers and webmasters can avail of the Socrates Theme support team anytime problems occur. They can either email for assistance or check on the support forum where numerous users exchange their ideas.

Comes with Affordable Prices with Free trials

The Socrates theme comes with affordable prices. If order is made as soon as possible, clients can avail of the discounts. For instance, a single install with a price of 47 US Dollars can be converted to a limited time install with a price of 34 US Dollars. Clients can also get a Private license of 34 US Dollars and an unlimited license of 57 US Dollars.

But before clients even purchase the Socrates theme, they can also avail of the free trial to test if they truly want the theme. The free trial can be used for seven days with sixty day money back guarantee. Most clients who avail for the free trial instantly avail of the services because they see that indeed the Socrates theme works wonders in terms of web mastering and design.

In a nutshell…

I love Using the Socrates Theme for WordPress. It is one of the best marketing themes so far. Aside from the fact that marketing as well as design features are in place, it is also efficient for webmasters and web developers who do not have time to stress out with one particular aspect of the web development. It is like a one-stop-shop theme with all the things ready with just a couple of clicks away. The Socrates theme is indeed one of the best marketing themes for WordPress.